One of the most important aspects of online shopping stores is the delivery and shipping methods. It is an integral part of the whole online shopping process and without proper handling of these aspects the business of an ecommerce site owner might crumble. The main goal of an online retailer should be to deliver the placed orders in a timely and efficient manner. Customers expect faster delivery at lower shipping rates. Thus it is important for a businessman to choose his shipping software carefully to ensure that he can offer lower shipping rates to his customers. Moreover, the hired shipping partner should also send regular updates to the customer to let his know about the status of his ordered product.

However, the shipping process is not only about the delivery itself. There are various other steps that are to be followed while shipping in ecommerce. The main aim of an ecommerce site owner remains to satisfy his customers with high quality shipping. This is why it is important that an online businessman keeps an eye on all the trending shipping practices to make sure he is getting the best deal for himself as well as for his customers.

The first step of online shipping is the processing of the order. The order processing refers to a set of activities that need to be done to process the order that a particular customer has placed. Each purchase is tagged to a particular tracking and order ID to make sure that the item is properly delivered. There are different teams for handling the different aspects of processing the order. The team members of the logistics and production helps in updating the inventory close the placed order and then assign the remaining tasks to the delivery and packing team.

The next step that comes is to package the order properly. There are two reasons behind packing being an important part in the entire shipping process. First of all, a proper packing helps the products to remain undamaged and makes sure they reach in a great condition to the customers. Secondly, packing helps in creating a brand value. The most common things that are used to pack the items are boxes, envelops, packets and so on. Depending on the types of the item, the packaging is performed.

The third step is the most important step in the shipping process as it includes the delivery of the item. An online shopping site owner needs to have a reliable carrier who would ship and deliver their products. After the products are delivered there is the option of return as the customer might not be satisfied with the product. The returns are also handled by the hired shipping servers.

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