Take quick actions to the fraud orders, COD orders that are repeatedly rejected from the buyers with the help of customer’s purchase history.

Ezyslips Update

This new update will help the eCommerce owners to see the customer’s purchase history so that they can take some immediate steps to reduce the operational cost and RTO losses for their new orders.

1. See the purchase history of your buyers once the order is synced to the Ezyslips dashboard. See the below image for your reference.

2. Our Intelligent dashboard will get you to find your top 10 buyers, top 10 Products and many such things which will help you market your products better.

3. You also can filter your buyer’s purchase history according to the number of purchases like those who have purchased from your store 0-3 times, 4-7 times and more than 10 times. With the help of this, you can make your order shipment decessions.

Here are some techniques to get the most out of this update

Reduce RTO & operational cost:


For Example: A customer’s purchase history shows that he has ordered 12 times from your website irrespective of any website platform builder.

Out of this 12 times, 9 times the order has been returned to origin.

By seeing to this history, it is advisable to the owners not to deliver the order before confirming from the buyer. That can help you in reducing the RTO losses.

Disable COD payments for selected accounts:


Even though there has been a significant rise in online payments over the last few years, Cash on Delivery (COD) continues to remain the most preferable mode of payment in India.

About 83% of consumers in India preferred using cash on delivery as a mode of payment for online purchases. 

But it is noticed that COD payment is the main reason for the RTO losses. In such conditions, business owners should take some bold decision to prevent COD Fraud. By the help of Ezyslips customer purchase history update, the business owner can able to see the mode of payment history for a customer and rejected orders against the mode of payment. 

That will help you to disable the COD payment mode for the buyers who are repeatedly rejecting the COD Orders.

Order tag can be helpful with the purchase history

Increase customer retention by rewarding loyal customers:

Reward your loyal customers with offers, gift card etc. That will help you in getting repeated sales.

For example you found a customer purchased 12 times from your brand and out of this 12 times 9 to 10 times the products have been delivered on time, irrespective of any payment mode. Then this is the time to find these customers and create a tag for those customers (Tag:Loyal Customers) and reward gift cards, offers to those customers. 

These are some techniques, that could be helpful in getting more sales. Share your thoughts or techniques, how you could use the new update for your business..