Running multiple storefronts helps eCommerce entrepreneurs diversify their brand, products, increase their customer base, and improve the customer experience. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t come out of the box with many features that help you manage multiple Shopify stores in one Platform or in a single place.

So Ezyslips, the five stars rated app on Shopify comes with a solution that helps you automate and simplify as many processes as possible so that you can focus on marketing and customer service.

Processing orders while managing multiple Shopify store is a front-row challenge we have been observing for a while.

You (A brand) have to manage orders out of each site separately. This gets complicated when dealing with fulfillment and return processing.

Centralize Your Order Management with Ezyslips: 

Keeping track of all the orders and managing those manually that come through your stores can be difficult. This is where a centralized order management system can help.

By centralizing your order management through Ezyslips, you’ll have 

  • Auto-sync all the orders from your multiple Shopify stores.
  • Auto Allocate all the orders without hampering the brand identity according to the Zipcodes, warehouse, weight, and service priority.
  • Use the filter to prioritize your Shopify store orders.
  • Print bulk shipping label and generate GST enabled invoice with your store logo(Identical with the stores) and identity.
  • Send pushback notification with the order delivery status (Fulfilled, Delivered, RTO delivered) to your Shopify stores w.r.t the order.

Here is how you can do that to enable all the features:


Log in to Ezyslips Dashboard> Go to Store setup> Integrations.
After clicking on Integrations add your Multiple Shopify stores with the help of Ezyslips seamless integrations.
Now move to View orders sections to check all your orders synced to the Ezyslips dashboard with respect to the name of the store.
Also, you can filter your orders according to the store name.