Businesses, online or offline, have to deal with returns, refunds, and exchanges. But it depends on how you are looking at the returns: as a threat or opportunity?

Quick returns and refunds is the demand of 95% of online customers.If not handled strategically, it may not only hinder sales but adversely affect the customer experience on the store.

The E-Commerce market is growing and so is the competition. An Easy & Self-service Return is one such thing where you can differentiate yourself from the competition. It is never late to address the problem and resolve it. You can turn the returns game in your favour by executing a simple & clear return policy and an automated return management solution in place. The automation will help you transform your refunds and exchanges into the opportunity to generate new profits for your business that also increases customer’s loyalty.

But before diving into how to manage refunds and exchange, we should understand the customer’s expectations from a brand.

You as a customer also want this, while buying online

  • Easy return request form.

  • Rapid turnaround time..

  • On-time refund..

  • Regular updates from the brand.

  • Amazon/Myntra type return experience

Therefore as an eCommerce merchant, you must invest in an automated solution for return management that will make your return workflow easy and manageable.

Problem with Traditional Return Management

The traditional return management system is a long and time-consuming process of return that might take around 15 days just to approve the return request and reverse pick-up, which does not even complete the half process. After pick-up, the returned product will be received in the warehouse, get approval for refund/exchange, then the request for refund will go to the designated department after which refund will be initiated.

Is this the way you still process your returns?

Make your Return Process Easy and Fast with these features:

  • Fully Branded and Customizable Return Page

    Easy for your customers to generate return requests with a seamless self-service return portal.

  • Automatic schedule reverse pickup

    -Your carrier partner can power your reverse pick-ups.

    -Schedule Quality Checks on pick-up itself.

  • Automatically Approve Returns

    Approve Refund/Exchange for a returned product at the warehouse itself.

  • Smart order refunds

    -Provide your customers with a refund payment option (Store Credit, Gift Card, Credit & Debit Card).

    -Automatic Refund Approval.

  • Send Notifications for Status Updates

    Send notifications like reverse pickup scheduled, refund processed, exchange order shipped.

Ezyslips Return Automation Solution has all the features enabled for a frictionless return experience to your modern shoppers and can take the pain out of returns and exchanges for both, your business and customers

Install the EzySlips ‑ Shipping & Returns App from Shopify Store, a simplified return management software that helps you to deliver the happiest customer experience for a return journey.

Integrate the Ezyslips App with your Shopify Store.

Create Your Branded Return Page 

  • Enable URL for your Service Return Page. It will automatically be customized according to your Shopify Store Theme.
  • Save the details, Copy and Run your fully customized Service Return Page.

Customize the Return Page Fields as desired (Return Page, Return Policy Link, Return period window, etc.).

How to enable the advanced exchange option?

Exchange options can be a problem solver for many apparel and footwear brands, as we see a large number of exchange requests from these business segments. 

Allow customers to choose other available variants and hide the out-of-stock variants automatically

How to initiate an instant refund for the fastest resolution?

Ezyslips offers you the options to initiate refunds with various options according to the payment type, i.e COD order refunds or Prepaid order refunds.

How to automate Reverse Pick-up for the “Approved” Return Requests.

Ezyslips has integrated with more than 40+ carrier partners to automate your reverse pickup process. Checkout all the available carrier options here

Make your eCommerce Return Process Powerful with Shopify

Shopify allows you to put an effective return management solution in place that enables you with automated RMAs and returns. Better optimization of returns will allow you to get enhanced insights into your business.

Start giving your customer a world-class returns experience with a return automation solution that allows you to optimize key areas of the return process.