It goes without saying that the leading marketplace that our country has right now is Amazon India. IT has more than 30 million active users and it is growing continuously. Given the fact that it has such a broad user base, it is also quite obvious that there are sellers who are helping in this growth of Amazon. However, many would wonder that how Amazon deals with all these sellers and buyers. It is difficult to imagine how every day the authorities handle the 1.6 million orders that are placed. This can be understood easily by throwing light on the three types of fulfillment model that Amazon has.

There are three fulfillment plans that Amazon offers. They are, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), Amazon Easy Ship and Amazon Self Ship. All these plans have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. For the first plan, FBA, it might be a bit difficult for business owners who are just starting their business. The charges are high and thus one might not afford it at an early stage of the business. The one is the cheapest available option but as the name suggests it includes a lot of self work. Assigning to that plan may drain all the energy of a business owner into shipping methods and he would not be able to concentrate on the actual business. Thus, this only leaves the middle option, i.e. Amazon easy ship.

Amazon easy ship refers to a fulfillment method where a business owner can ship and sell with Amazon itself. A typical process of order fulfillment includes various steps like packing the products, labeling it, storing it, sending it to a warehouse and finally shipping it. With this shipping method you will receive orders directly from the official site of Amazon. You will have to package, store and label the products by yourself and the shipping would be taken care of by Amazon. It ships your products through the logistics of the Amazon network.

In order to use Amazon easy slip you need to register yourself as a seller on the seller network of Amazon. After your registration is complete you will be automatically come under the easy ship category. You will be able to avail the easy ship service from your very first order. However, you must first understand everything about Amazon easy ship and then only proceed towards it.

The various advantages of Amazon easy ship includes zero shipping worries, pick up directly from the warehouse, and shipping across India. However, there are also disadvantages like high Amazon easy ship charges, no choice of selecting other courier partners and no inventory management.

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